Special Education License Extension for Teachers

Non-Matriculated Courses for Certification through the Individual Evaluation Pathways Program

Students may take the following 4 non-matriculated courses to meet the education requirements for a certification extension in Special Education through the Individual Evaluation Pathway.

CourseK – 12 Special Education
SPED 645x
SPED 658x
SPED 557x
SPED 671 x

 Course DisciplineK -12 Special Education 
IntroductionSPED 645
Class ManagementSPED 658
Instructional MethodsSPED 557
AssessmentSPED 671

Introduction to Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

SPED 645 – Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

This course involves a study of a range of learning disabilities. Historical, philosophical and legal, foundations provide context for the examination of specific instructional strategies linked to the learning processes of students with learning disabilities.

Classroom Management:

SPED 658 – Managing Students with Disabilities in an Inclusive Classroom

This course involves understanding the effects of classroom environment on student behavior and the development of positive behavioral supports including problem solving and conflict resolution strategies. Assignments include behavioral observation, assessment and intervention.

Instructional Methods:

SPED 557 – inclusive Curriculum & Instruction for Special Education (All Grades)

Provides students an opportunity to explore and apply current pedagogy and trends in the education of students with disabilities (all grades). Students will learn about and engage in the collection and use of educational data to assess and teach students with disabilities. Educational planning, material adaptation, and curriculum development are also addressed. Emphasis is placed on creating access to curriculum and supporting students within the inclusive classroom, specifically within the content areas of reading, mathematics, social studies, and science. Generally Offered (Spring)


SPED 671 – Assessing and Evaluating SWD

This course focuses on the process of identifying, assessing, and diagnosing students with disabilities, including selecting, administering, and analyzing test data to develop individualized educational plans that are both culturally responsive and developmentally appropriate.

These courses are currently offered online.  Each course costs $745, students are required to put down $195 Deposit in order to reserve your spot. All students must have a camera on their computer to be registered for these course, and the webcam must be on as required by the instructor.

* As with all Individual Evaluation Pathway Courses, students are responsible for verifying that these courses meet their certification needs.   Students should always contact their district office (Long Island/Westchester schools) or the UFT/NYCDOE Certification Office for verification.   Individual Evaluation Pathway certification extensions only work with valid, current certifications.  In addition, state tests and additional workshop like DASA may be required if they have not applied for any certification since January 1st, 2014.   Please visit www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/ for further information.  

CITE courses are a great way to pursue this pathway to your special ed certification extension.

Take the four courses appropriate to your grade level. You may email Brian@citeprograms.com for any questions or concerns.

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